Aromatherapy products blended just for you...

Choose your favourite aroma, or select a therapeutic blend to help address an issue such as muscle pain, difficulty sleeping, stuffy nose . . . the list is endless.  

Chances are that you'll be thinking that massage is the only way to use aromatherapy oils, however, there are a myriad of different applications. I can blend your choice of oils into cream, lotion, aloe gel, bath salts, roll-on remedy, room or aura spray. You can use a hot or cold compress, or pop a few drops in a diffuser.   

All base products (organic and non-organic) are made without any nasties like SLS and parabens.  

personalised blend products...

Bespoke Creations

Katseye Therapeutic Blends for diffusing etc. (neat essential oil)

5ml - £12,  10ml £20

Single Essential oils also available, prices from £5

Inhaler stick                                                                £3.50

Rescue Roller Ball                                                      £5

Room/Aura Spray                    50ml £8, 100ml £12

Bath Salts  200g approx 10 baths                            £8
  (Dead Sea Salt plus optional Epsom Salts)

Bath Oil 100ml approx 5-6 baths (organic)            £10

Body Cream (organic)                                 50ml      £12

Aloe Gel                                                         50ml      £12

Face/Body Lotion (SLS/Paraben-free)     100ml   £8

Face/Body Lotion (organic)                         100ml  £10

Base Oil for massage POA,    from £4/ 50ml (recipe will vary according to skin type etc. )